A Description of 3 Types of Hard Drive Repair Software

The hard drive of a computer is a very important part of the computing device. It stores files, data and even photos, music and movies. To businesses, the files stored in the computer’s hard drive are very critical and once the hard drive fails, what would happen to the files?
Once the computer does not boot, you may become frantic – fearing that the data could be lost. But that could not be the case because there are ways to recover the data. If the damage is physical and serious, you cannot access the files instantly. You will have to bring the hard drive to a technician to check and recover the data. If you are lucky, you can do the repair immediately to instantly have an access to your files. You can do this with a hard drive repair software.
Hard Drive Repair Software

There are many kinds of software available in the market. Here are three samples that you can peruse and choose to install to your computer – to protect your files and prevent them from being lost.

Hard drive repair software No 1 – Hard Disk Recovery 2.0

The Hard Disk Recovery 2.0 is a data recovery software. As a type of hard drive repair software, it enables your hard disk to get back to Windows disk data, especially those that were lost due to corrupted files. Damage to the files can be caused by virus with Trojan and Malware as among the most dangerous. Other damages that can be repaired by this software are hardware and software failure, other virus attack, bad sector, bad partitions and more. The Hard Disk Recover 2.0 supports Windows 7, XP and Vista. This is not a freeware; it is priced at $69.00. The software consists of 3010k file size.

Hard drive repair software No.2 – Flobo Hard Disk Repair

The Flobo Hard Disk Repair is a hard drive repair software that is specifically designed to repair hard disks that were damaged by bad sectors. As a result of the bad sectors, the operating system is incapable of accessing the saved files. The OS is frozen when it tries to read, access and copy the data in the hard drive. It cannot even write data on the disk. Aside from the bad sector repair tool, this kind of software also includes test speed tool, surface test, media stability check and controller test. This makes use of S.M.A.R.T. technology which aims to keep track of the health condition of the hard drive. In the 4.1 version, the hard disk repair software adds the drive’s temperature information.

Hard drive repair software No. 3 – Disk Repair Software 10.x The Disk Repair Software 10.x was develop by the Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd. The main purpose of this software is to fix bad sectors making it a bad sectors recovery utility software. It is also used to repair bad partitions, hard drive data recovery and media repairing. The file size of the Disk Repair Software 10.x is only 35k.
These are only three hard drive repair softwares. All are designed mainly to repair the hard drive targeting primarily the bad sectors that cause the freezing of the hard drive. The frozen hard drive is very dangerous because it can lead to loss of valuable data. With the fixed bad sectors, the hard drive can be functional again so that the files are again accessible.

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