Tomato Powder: Use these popular brands to cook your favorite food recipes

When you enjoy your favorite Italian dish of spaghetti in your favorite Italian restaurant, you realize that it is not that delicious when you try to make a simpler version if it at home. Most seasoned restaurant owners would mention the secret behind the delicious spaghetti is the use of tomato powder. You are pretty surprised as you have heard about tomato sauce, tomato paste but never about a dry powder made from tomato. This curiosity ignites you to find more about it in the internet and also explore a few top rated brands found in the market.

Tomato PowderHow is this powder made?

As the name suggests the powder is made from tomato, so that the dish has a rich flavor of tomato in it. The procedure to create this powder involves fresh picked tomatoes being put into slurry. When the tomato juice is extracted then hot gas in introduced. This leads to the creation of a fine mixture of powder, where the main ingredient is tomato. The natural color of this powder is dull red color. However red food color is added to brighten up its appearance.

How is it used?

In most cases the powder made from tomato is used as a strong base for tomato paste. The powder adds a strong flavor to the paste which when used in various recipes makes the food delicious. Tomato paste is very important element of Italian cuisine and is used frequently to make sauces in pasta, spaghetti and meat ball curries. The use of Tomato Powder is very popular during winters. As fresh tomatoes are difficult to get but people still want to enjoy delicious Italian comfort food.

How do you store it?

This powder is best stored in air tight containers where little moisture is attracted. Once moisture gets into the powder clots would form and this would degenerate the taste of the powder. You can store this powder in a freezer where it would remain fresh and enjoy a long shelf life.

Popular Brands available in the market

Tomato-Powder from Augason Farms

A can of Tomato-Powder from Augason Farms would cost a little over thirty four dollars and this powder can be stored up to 25 years. A single can has around forty serving and they make delicious sauces, soups and meat ball curries. The best thing about Tomato-Powder from Augason Farms is that it can be made easily by mixing a small amount of water in it and blending it well for few minutes. This powder does not need refrigeration and is very popular among campers.

Tomato-Powder from Honeyville’s

This company claims that it uses the freshest grown tomatoes in US, to make its superior quality tomato powder. When you use this powder to make your favorite Italian dishes, you love its rich texture and you would also enjoy its high nutritional value. The average life for it is around 10 years when the can is not opened. It is best to store it in a place which is dry and cool.

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