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Tomato powder is basically made of tomatoes and is used for adding tomato flavor to different dishes. The powder is actually made by transforming fresh tomatoes into slurry and then spray drying this slurry. The procedure of spray drying involves forcing hot gas by way of a liquid blend that helps in creating a very fine powder that possesses uniform consistency. Making very small adjustments to spray nozzle can help in adjusting the consistency of the tomato powder. Manufacturers of this powder also enhance its color by adding extra coloring because people expect tomato powders to be extremely bright in their red color.

Uses of Tomato Powder

The different uses of tomato powder have been detailed below:

Tomato Powder•    The best use of Tomato Powder is in the form of a base for your tomato paste. Powders tend to last for a very long time in comparison to the pastes and therefore people find it easy to mix this powder for a clear and fresh flavor.

•    This powder is specially used in Italian cuisine and a number of soups and sauces. Tomato soups can also be made very easily by using this powder. You can even fortify pasta sauces and broths if they possess a very weak tomato flavor.

•    There are a number of dishes that can benefit from a very small sprinkle of this powder as it helps in popping their flavor a bit. During the winter season when it becomes quite impossible to obtain fresh vegetables and fruits, you can enjoy the flavor of tomatoes by using this powder in various dishes. This powder can also be used in seasoning mixes, sauces and dips. If you want to make a spread for your toast containing tomato and cheese cream, you can easily do so by adding cream cheese and tomato powder.

•    Tomato paste can easily be made by tomato powder by mixing it in water in the correct ratio and with an increased ratio of weather you can turn this powder into tomato sauce.

•    Tomato powders can be added to savory pancakes and popcorn.

•    You can add tomato powder to your mix for making bread or homemade pasta as it gives a tangy taste to pasta or bread.

•    This powder can also be used in the form of a seasoning for risotto, polenta, deviled eggs and foccacia.

•    This powder helps in spicing up salad dressings such as 1000 Island dressing, French and Russian dressing as well as dips like mayonnaise and hummus. The powder helps in making delicious pasta sauces and is perfect for flavoring vinaigrette used in the recipe for Macaroni salad.

•    By mixing this powder with a bowl of hot milk you can turn it into a creamy soup made of tomatoes and that too within a fraction of a second.

•    This powder makes cooking very fast and easy. It is also very handy and can easily be carried while going for a trek or a camp.

The Correct Procedure of Making Tomato Powder

Tomatoes are required in many recipes and it is not always possible to get tomatoes in the market because sometimes they are out of season. This is the reason why it is important for you to known the correct procedure of making tomato powder so that it can be used as and when required. The first thing that you should do when making Tomato Powder at home is to dry tomatoes with the oven temperature set to 175-250 degree F. Remember picking up the same type of tomatoes for your powder as using different types of tomatoes can generate powders in different flavors. The tomatoes need to be cut into very thin slices so that they dry up easily in the oven. Check for the tomatoes solidifying and the entire process of drying the tomatoes will take more than three hours. Once the tomatoes turn dry and crisp, take them out of the oven and add them to the food processor for grinding them into fine powder. This is how you will get your tomato powder that possesses a tangy and a sweet flavor that can readily be used in a number if dishes.

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