Using Free Hard Drive Repair Software for PC’s Non-Physical Damage

We live in a very modern world where almost everything had to be run by machine known as computer. This device is one breakthrough that directed the lives of men to dependence on technology. But computers are not invincible and they can breakdown and cease functioning. It is not the stopping that causes worry on the users. It is the lost data contained in the hard drive of your computer.
Hard Drive Repair Software
Your PC will fail to boot or start and many users believe that all the data are lost. The computer is corrupted, it is true but it may not be the end of the device’s life span. There may be hope and remedy because of the possibility that the hard drive is repairable and there are hard drive repair software that can address the problem.
There are two kinds of damages that can hit the device. One kind will make the machine beyond repair and the other may be fixable through the use of hard drive repair software.

Physical and non-physical damage – which requires hard drive repair software?

We call the damages as physical damage and non-physical damage. The physical damage is a worst scenario and no hard drive repair software may be able to fix the problem. The data and file recovery is in the hands of professional computer technicians. The physical damage can take any of the following forms: damaged platters, fried controller cards, bad actuator arms and more others. And the repair service can be very costly.
With the steep price of the repair service, some users opt to just buy a new unit of PC. This could be the decision if there are no important data stored in the damaged hard disk. But if there are very vital files, there is no recourse but pay the hefty service fee.
For the non-physical damage, the problem may just be in the operating system; the system’s files may just be corrupted. The damage may be bad but could be fixed by certain hard drive repair software.

Necessary items in the use of hard drive repair software

There are a number of items that you may need in order to use the hard drive repair software. You need another computer (one that is functional) and has Windows 7, XP or Vista operating system. Check on the hard drive of this other computer. There are two kinds of drives – SATA or PATA. Then you will need a USB hard drive enclosure. This USB should be designed to have a connector that is compatible to the type of drive you are to connect to.

Using non-physical hard drive repair software

You are now ready to repair the non-physical damage through the use of a hard drive repair software. Remove the drive out of the damaged computer then connect this to the USB enclosure. Connect the USB cable to the functional computer. Turn on the power of the USB enclosure. The external drive will load this in your chosen drive. Next, you should load your “Check Disk” program then start running it, specifying the drive you are using. Once this process is completed, your drive is repaired and you can recover your files. The process may take several hours to complete.
When your computer breaks down, you should not panic. There are two options to recover your files. You can hire a computer technician or you can do it yourself using a hard drive repair software. You can just download the hard drive repair software; it is free.

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